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Natural food product range in Honey, Ghee & Spices.


  • 3 different style of packaging application to be worked on keeping in mind the brand image of a natural product with health and Ayurvedic value.

  • Style 1: 20 types of Honey – Single packaging style which can depict the variations of honey.

  • Style 2: Spices – Packaging style that depicts the rawness of spices.

  • Style 3: Turmeric & Ghee – Packaging that detail out the story of the product.


  • Honey – A very simple comb structure base packaging with a possibility of changed background color scheme as per the variety.

  • Spices – We suggested to go for a transparent bottle that can have the simplest yet effective design. We used a square shaped box to bring the focus towards the content of the bottles.

  • Turmeric & Ghee – An  illustrative packaging design to connect the consumers with product story.

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