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Branded as MYINTS 3-MINUTE, JUST HEAT & EAT, Myints products bridge the huge gap in the Indian frozen food market between what is available and what the veggie lovers need.

Myints gives a wide variety of ready-to-eat snacks, which are low-calorie, grilled/roasted vegetarian food without any chemicals or preservatives. The variety ranges from traditional potato products,

exclusive mushrooms, and the delicious paneer dishes prepared by using traditional herbs from Thailand to other places in Asia. Thus, producing a gourmet delight for the age group of 16 to 70!


  • To design a relatable identity with attractive color scheme.

  • The visual identity should bring out the concept of a healthy quick snack.

  • The designed packaging should have a color scheme which can easily be recognized on outlet shelfs and look different from the competitors.

  • Shot images should be simple yet go with the packaging and create an eye catching visual treat.

  • The social strategy should start with the story of the brand and later showcase the uniqueness of the brand.


  • Colour Selection — Bright, attractive and relatable to the food colors— scientifically known to induce hunger in human beings.

  • Logo Consistency — No matter how the logo would be used, it will always remain same and will never have to look for alternate color scheme. Thus, keeping the identity intact.

  • Packaging — A creative & strategic approach to imitate traditional 'Tiffin boxes' used pan India. The contrasting color scheme along with iconography to make it interesting and unique as the brand is.

  • Social – We started with the #kanchacheena campaign to introduce the story behind the brand and then introduced individual product elements.

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